If you’d like to know about the cost of getting regular deliveries of fresh, home-cooked complete meals, starting with a no-commitment, great value 2-week trial pack, please tell us about your dog(s) and we’ll get back to you with a tailored plan for them.

All dogs are unique and we calculate how much every individual needs based on their personal profile – factors such as weight, appearance, activity levels, age and snacks all affect how many calories we suggest for them. 

Here is an indication (based on general starting weight alone) of the ongoing daily cost for regular free deliveries – as well as an idea of the cost of the Trial Packs – also delivered free, so that you can see the benefits of the food before deciding about regular deliveries!

When you decide to order regular deliveries, don’t worry, you may cancel or push out your subscription at any time, no look-at-the-bunny distractions 🐰 Just ask, it’ll be done!

If you’d like to mix their regular food with Phoenix Bark’s to get a boost of benefits at a lower price, ask us about a 50% plan 👍

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