Barbara… say cheese!

A few weeks ago we had the pleasure of working with Colum Lynch Photography producing some of the new, gorgeous images for you to enjoy on our website and social media.

Nothing stood in our photographer Colum’s way, as he scaled fences, avoided sheep and encouraged Kathy to hide behind stacks of our food in order to keep them upright! However our little Barbara, the characteristically diva-like model who doesn’t usually get out of bed for anything less than half a pack of Phoenix Bark, really gave him the run around. Her blonde locks and sweet smile took over an hour in ‘make-up’. Then her eagerness to devour a bowlful of Phoenix Bark meant it was all gobbled up before the photographer could even say “cheese”!

Having had her fill, Barbara couldn’t eat any more – possibly watching her figure (maybe saving room for the aforementioned cheese? 🧀).

We are over the moon with the resulting photos, and super excited to share them with you soon!

Perhaps your pride & joy is a little more keen to be photographed than our little Barbara? Do please send photos in to us if that’s the case! We would love to share your dogs’ love of fresh dog food on our socials!

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