We’ve developed a system to price our nutritious dog food plans in a way that works for our customers and our suppliers. Since we pride ourselves on developing bespoke meal plans for each canine customer, this means prices for each plan are all unique too. Discover more about how we price our dog food below.

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How we calculate cost

All dogs are unique and have different requirements when it comes to food, just like humans. That’s why we calculate how much every individual needs based on their personal profile. We factor in weight, appearance, activity levels, age and snacks when designing your dog’s meal plan. See below for an indication, based on approximate weight, of the daily cost for regular deliveries and your initial 2-week Trial Pack.

Daily Cost
2-Week Trial Pack
2kg €1.28 / day € 10
5kg €1.86 / day € 15
10kg €2.90 / day € 20
20kg €3.89 / day € 25
>30kg €4.58 / day € 35

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