At Phoenix Bark we are fanatical about sourcing EVERYTHING that we use, we’re scrupulous. And after scouring the country, we are deeply proud to use a single Irish supplier for all of the meat in our recipes. Feighcullen Farm (just south of Dublin) is the very best of the best!

Just like Phoenix Bark, Billy treats his workers, suppliers, customers, animals and our precious environment with respect. We believe strongly in sustainability, and Feighcullen share our values in the way that they farm. All their livestock is reared in a way that is beneficial to the animals, environment and all of us; including our dogs.

Feighcullen Farm’s sustainable farming model places the our environment and animal welfare at the forefront. They create their own ecosystem, making sure that they replenish what they take from the land. All livestock is treated with care and respect – promoting natural feeding, behaviours and growth.

We won’t use or tolerate low-grade off-cuts or by-products. No meat or bone meal, or slurry from a skip out of the back of an abattoir deemed unfit for human consumption – so no beaks, or feet!! (ever wonder what those mysterious ‘derivatives’ might be in the ingredients on your dog food labels?!).

If it’s not good enough for us, why on earth would be want to feed it to our beloved dogs?!

✔️ All Feighcullen poultry feed is cereal-based and GM free.

✔️ Animals are not given any drugs or growth-promoting additives. All of Feighcullen’s animals are allowed to mature slowly and naturally.

✔️ At night they are safely housed in spacious barns on straw bedding with natural light and ventilation.

✔️ No nitrates are used at any stage

Each animal will have lived happily roaming through Feighcullen Farm. Once the chicken and turkey chicks have left the nursery (they begin their life at Feighcullen at just a few days old), they are then able to potter about freely in the fields each day.

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