New Healthy Treats!!!!!

Offering your dog a treat isn’t just about the joy it brings—you’re also deepening your bond on a subconscious level. Given the temptation to spoil our dogs, it’s natural to wonder about the right balance. We encourage you to consider the quality of treats you provide.

What is in this food you are handing over and what is the quality of the ingredients like?

Is this food beneficial or is it actually causing harm?

At Phoenix Bark, we uphold strong ethical standards in our products. Just as with our food made from wild or free-range meats, treats should adhere to these same values. We are excited to introduce our new treat range – they’re ethically sourced, responsibly produced, and free-range; the values and standards we will always stick to.

Plus, they offer numerous benefits like promoting dental health, providing canine enrichment, supporting joint health, and enhancing gut health!

Giant Beef Braid

Giant braids offer a longer lasting option. These are naturally high in high quality protein which is essential to have in your dog’s diet, and also being nice and healthy with a super low fat content! Suitable for dogs on a low fat diet or with pancreatitis. Allow your dog to absorb all delicious natural flavours and benefits of beef while staying entertained and cleaning their teeth at the same time! Chewing down on the treat helps the removal of tartar and plaque from the teeth.

Dried Sprats

These sprats are hypoallergenic meaning they are suitable to those with sensitive tummies. Naturally rich in Omega oils which are ideal for promoting healthy skin and coat, assists eye and brain development – helps increase intelligence and training ability – and even chewing down on the treat helps to remove tartar from their teeth! These treats have a natural enticing smell your dog will of course love, and they can feel good eating them. Highly digestible, reduces the work needed by your dog’s digestive system, ideal for those with sensitivities.

Rabbit Hide Rolls

They have a chewy texture that stimulates the brain and their natural want to chew whilst the hair acts as an added benefit – naturally aids the removal of parasites from the intestinal tract.

Chicken Wings

Chicken Wings are a great source of glucosamine and chondroitin – great for keeping joint pain at bay and aiding mobility. They make for a delicious crunchy treat, and while they’re crunching away it aids in the removal of tartar from their teeth.

Duck Necks

Glucosamine and chondroitin which are great for joint health, and a great dental aid as chewing on them aids the removal of tartar from the dog’s teeth.

Trainers: Fish Bitesize Treats

Pure protein bitesize meat treats, air-dried to preserve as many natural nutrients as possible, leaving them with an irresistible scent and flavour, perfect to entice your dog to work with more pleasure and attention (for training purposes).

PLEASE NOTE: We recommend that your dog should be supervised when chewing any treat. Fresh drinking water should always be available.

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