Our dog Alf (miniature schnauzer) has been eating all the recipes from Phoenix bark since the very beginning. Each packet is very personalised with Alf’s calories and name on each individual pack. Studies show that fresh food is best for dogs – this food is fresh, with no nasties in it!

Alf adores his food, he gets very excited when it comes out, even favouring Phoenix Bark over his previously regular food in a taste test!

We have noticed an improvement in his coat and a more excited demeanor at mealtimes. He had been a bit overweight before going on this diet but has toned up through eating these leaner portions. 

I have had a baby recently and find the product very easy to feed, the packet opens easily and as a family, we are impressed that it is wrapped in sustainable packaging. Also the fact that it is delivered to the house means that we don’t need to do a special trip to industrial estates outside the city where we used to go for specialty high protein dog food. 

The company is very reliable and easy to communicate with. They love dogs and their passion shines through on the attention to detail with their product.