Our dog Libby has been on Phoenix Bark food for about six months now.

Libby has a very sensitive stomach so we were slightly nervous about changing her over from dried food but with Kathy and Duncan’s advice about phased introduction she had no issues whatsoever.  They have also given us some really helpful advice about natural supplements for Libby’s dry skin and other health issues.


The food itself: it is of really excellent quality and Libby absolutely loves it.  It actually smells pretty good to me too!  They use top quality ingredients and have put a massive amount of effort into producing healthy and balanced recipes.

While the quality of the food is obviously a primary consideration, Phoenix Bark goes far beyond just that.  Kathy and Duncan have put heart and soul into this business and it really shows.  Their sustainable and ethical ethos is obviously a key part of their strategy and it is very important for us to know that the ingredients have been ethically sourced and that sustainability has been a key consideration at every step of the production process.  The personal aspect of the service is also a huge plus, and having the food delivered to our door is a real convenience.   So, Libby highly recommends the food from Phoenix Bark and we wholeheartedly recommend the service!