Winnie has been getting Phoenix Bark sausages for the past few months and she absolutely loves them! She’s extremely picky when it comes to food, we tried loads of different dog food brands, but we always had to mix her dog food with chicken or cheese to try and get her to eat it (which wasn’t great for her waistline!) Since joining PB we no longer have to do this.

The main thing that I love about the sausages is that I know the ingredients are of the highest quality, before joining I discussed this with Duncan and Kathy and was delighted to hear that all the food is free-range, with no preservatives. Also 1 highlight for me is there’s no more messy 💩 (I know TMI! but it makes my life a lot easier and I also know Winnie’s digestive system is a lot healthier now).The service we have received from PB has been great, it’s so nice to use such a personable and friendly service. I would highly recommend getting your furry friend to try Phoenix Bark!