Alfie’s story – reverse ageing

For most dogs, the sofa is a complete haven. Snuggling into the smell of their guardians, and feeling extra safe from the slightly raised up position, which also serves to make sure that they have the best vantage point for sussing out when treats are being prepared in the kitchen.

Alfie (a soppy basset hound) was no different, but at ten years old, he was finding he just couldn’t make it up onto the family sofa like he always used too. He appeared frustrated, and despite veterinary support his left leg had such little movement in it his guardian knew something needed to change.

Poor Alfie, he felt so incredibly sad, he would regularly simply stare at the fence in the back garden, it was considered he possibly had canine dementia too. Canine massage therapists often call this kind of situation silent pain, where pain we are unable to understand causes a shift in a dog’s behaviour beyond the level vets consider normal for joint issues.

Luckily for Alfie, his mum decided to reach out and find out if a switch to a fresh food diet might make a difference for Alife. We created a diet tailored to Alfie’s needs and duly sent over his first batch of Phoenix Bark.

Fussiness had never been an issue, Alfie was a complete foodie! So, the test was really to see if he felt better.

To our great delight we received such wonderful feedback that we were moved to share his story with you all. His guardian shared that within weeks it was as if “he had reverted back years in age”. Apparently he was jumping on the couch again, jumping up to say hello to people, and even kept escaping from the front door to run around the perimeter of the house, running so fast and was simply so happy. They couldn’t believe how much he had changed!

Fresh nutrition is such a wonderful thing, offering the chance to provide anti-inflammatory molecules from diet alone and vitamins and minerals that support energy in natural forms, that are actually absorbable. Sadly processed dog food companies are a little stuck, manufacturing laws mean they do not even have the possibility of adding absorbable versions minerals like calcium to their foods; it’s no wonder dogs end up with joint issues after years of eating only processed food.

Just like us humans, dogs need fresh, wholefoods to stay as supple and healthy as possible right into old age. Alfie draws the line at actually sharing any of his new delicious dinners, but he is super happy to share his story and help other dogs who feel as sad as he used to.

Why not check out our Longevity blog too, over the coming months we will be sharing lots of the science behind why fresh food makes the difference it does!

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