We love Phoenix Bark! I’m passionate about feeding my dogs fresh, unprocessed food and I had been raw-feeding before I discovered Phoenix Bark. However, I really didn’t like having the raw food in my fridge, or the amount of packaging we were getting with each order.

We tried Phoenix Bark, and here’s what we love about it:

  • Most importantly, our dogs love it;
  • Sustainable packaging. The guys take the cardboard box away with them and all of the wrapping for the meals goes into the compost
  • This is very lazy, but no need to weigh meals! Each day’s food for each dog is separately wrapped, so on busy mornings it’s so easy just to empty half the day’s portion into a bowl;
  • One of our dogs, who has a sensitive stomach, now has very pick-up-able poos! On previous diets we would often find a very unpleasant mess on the floor. He now very rarely has accidents and when he does they’re much easier to deal with;
  • Kathy and Duncan are great to deal with.

I mention Phoenix Bark to all of my clients and I’m delighted to recommend such a great product!